The Vintage Magazine Shoppe has been providing birthday gifts for that special someone since the 1980s. Back then, it was known as Memorabilia and Nostalgia Unlimited (MENU) and appeared in numerous mail order catalogues. The business was put on hold in 1996. At that time MENU, had amassed a collection of 100,000 magazines (20 tons) which were stored in 1600 milk crates. How massive was the collection? If the milk crates were stacked seven high and in one row, it would be as long as a football field (100 yards).

In 2012, MENU resumed business as the Vintage Magazine Shoppe and now the inventory exceeds 130,000 magazines (25 tons).  Life Magazine constitutes a large portion of the collection (60,000).  It was the premier weekly news magazine from 1936 to 1972, publishing over 1800 issues and will be the magazine provided for any request between 1937 and 1972.  In addition to Life Magazine, there’s also Time (23,000), Newsweek (8,000) and thousands of other weeklies which translates to an average of 50 magazines per week from the 1940s to the 1970’s.  This assures everyone their orders will be processed quickly and the magazines are in very good condition.

We mention this because there are competitors on the internet offering magazines at much cheaper prices but their inventories could be less than 200 magazines and there’s no guarantee they’ll have the date requested or whether they’ll respond to a request.  Plus, if a magazine is received is it complete or is it in poor condition, wreaking with odor?

Since your request is time sensitive, we can guarantee a 48 hour turnaround and that the gift is worthy for someone special in your life.

Giving someone a vintage magazine the week they were born is the most unique and personal gift anyone can receive. It becomes a treasured family heirloom. It’s the perfect gift for Baby Boomers ( 1946 to 1965 ) and older.

We all buy over 20 gifts a year, but the hardest gifts to find are for those you’ve given many gifts over the years. Giving the “ Past as a Present “ not only solves that problem, but you won’t believe the reaction and the joy from the recipient. What makes this such a special unique and personal gift? The recipient’s Mother may have been reading that issue while in the hospital having their child.

We’ve had many purchasers share with us the reaction the magazine recipient had when receiving a magazine.  We would welcome any responses you have to add to our collection.

Get a “Life!“

Nostalgically yours,

Francis E. DiBacco
Vintage Magazine Shoppe