Kevin Hug
Willow Grove, NJ
Incredible! What a true slice of Americana! Thanks for sharing your collection.

Annie Buffone
West Chester, PA
What a treat – great job – a lot of good memories to be found here.
Good luck.

Jean DeLeo Veteri
Awesome, fabulous job, walk back in time.
Love it!

Lorraine DeNinno
Clayton, NJ
This place is so great! You feel like you’ve stepped back in time.
Well done!!

Anthony Salvatore
Marlton, NJ
What a collection!! I’m glad I was able to experience such a walk back in time.
Thank you

Michele Perez
Mt. Laurel, NJ
What a wonderful place, brings back so many memories! So cool to see how times change through the decades.

Tim Dormer
A place that takes you back in time. It shows the real history of America that makes you proud of our country.

Patty Regan
Totally awesome experience! Memories for a whole lifetime – captures all your senses – such a warm fuzzy time. So much fun!!

Jean & Steven Piotrowski
Turnersville NJ
Thanks Fran, It was a great afternoon. What a wonderful group of memorabilia and everything from magazines, pictures, music and everything in the collection.