Nostalgia Center

The Vintage Magazine Nostalgia Center is a 10,000 square foot tribute TO the Greatest Generation DURING the Greatest Century IN the Greatest Country in the world, and honors all our Veterans who have served, are serving, and especially those Veterans who made the supreme sacrifice.

The surroundings are uplifting, and we welcome everyone to hold all types of events such as fund raisers, reunions, birthday, and retirement parties, etc. We especially, encourage seminars on the American ingenuity of the 20th Century and how things evolved over 100 years, that will inform many, of how Americans faced and handled those challenges.

To provide the proper atmosphere, we have created a “ Memory Lane “ in Veterans Hall  (Suite 2), which has cubicles for each decade of the 20th Century. Each cubicle is filled with Magazines, Posters, Photographs and artifacts relative to each era. As you stroll down Memory Lane, you’ll hear music from the past so you can absorb the Ads, Fads, Glads, and Sads of each decade. It’s a transcendental experience as you HEAR the past, SEE the past and Touch the past! You will go through 100 Years in 25 minutes!

America Hall ( Suite 1 ) allows you to travel 3,000 miles in 20 minutes, by viewing mammoth posters of American Landmarks, landscapes, and a close-up view of Main Street U SA.

Please, come visit your memories, they miss you. It’s an experience you will never forget as we will create NEW memories for you.

See and touch:

  1. 130,000 magazines dating back to 1890 ( 30 tons ),
  2. Life size posters of JFK, MLK, Elvis, Marilyn, and Frank
  3. 5,000 feet of shelving space for magazines sorted by week, month, and year back to 1900
  4. 1600 milk crates where magazines were stored
  5. Over 9,000 Square Feet on display of magazine covers, posters, photographs, puzzles, etc.


  1. A $25,000 top of the art sound system playing oldies so you can sing or dance


  1. Take selfies with life size posters of celebrities.
  2. Make the cover of Life Magazine
  3. Save the Titanic
  4. Hold telephones from 1900, 1910, etc.
  5. Emulate Rocky at the Philadelphia Art Museum


  1. The Vintage Magazine Nostalgia Center EXPERIENCE!