…….is a phrase that suggests broadening horizons and taking in all the wonders of LIFE.

Vintage Magazine Shoppe (VMS) sells original and complete LIFE and Time magazines.  For us GET A LIFE” has always meant, giving the perfect gift to someone special, a magazine published the day they were was born or married. VMS has sold tens of thousands of these quintessential time capsules — the magazines are showstoppers and the feedback we constantly receive from our customers is how thrilling it is to see their loved one moved by browsing through the pages of stunning photos, colorful ads, the fads, the “sads” and “glads” of another era.

We’re now launching the “Get a LIFE” fundraising program with charitable groups such as yours.  Under this innovative arrangement, your organization and members will have access to our massive inventory of 55,000 Life and 18,000 Time magazines.  We hesitate to call this program a “fundraiser” as you are not simply asking your members for another donation.  In a WIN-WIN, they can help the organization by purchasing just ONE of these nostalgic gems for themselves or as a one-of-a-kind gift for the “hard-to-buy-for” folks on their list.

This innovative program allows a fresh infusion of funds for your group without placing additional pressures on your loyal base. With our program there are NO donations required; you as a VMS “outlet” simply make the magazines available to your members. There are NO upfront costs for your organization, there is NO time limit to the promotion, and YOU control the funds!  The topper is the joy your members derive as they watch a loved one become emotionally moved leafing through each memory-jogging page.