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Things the Smartphone has Replaced

Fran DiBacco shows the many things the smartphone has replaced. The technology company IBM (International Business Machines Corp.) invented the smartphone in 1992. The first smartphone released for the public was named Simon. The term smartphone was coined in 1997, but Simon had most of the capabilities expected from such a device.  It was the first phone to […]

Coca-Cola Advertisements in World War II

When the United States entered World War II in December 1941 Coca-Cola was already bottled and sold throughout the country. In order show support for the brave men and women and an astute marketing plan Coca-Cola President Robert Woodruff declared that “every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for five cents, wherever he […]

TV Guide Magazine Roseanne & Cosby Show

In Vintage Magazine Shoppe’s collection we have found a cover of TV Guide Magazine that they would like to forget. The “Roseanne” & “Cosby Show”  TV Guide September, 1989 issue gives the words “Fall” Preview a whole new meaning. To leave comment or suggestions please click the pencil icon to the right of the post.

Cheerioats before Cheerios

Cheerios was introduced on May 1, 1941 as Cheerioats, but the name was changed to Cheerios in 1945. By the early 1900s cereal companies had wheat, corn, and rice cereals but one made mostly of oats had yet to gain in popularity. Cheerioats was made of 75% oats with corn and rye add for flavor. […]

Liz Taylor & LIFE Magazine

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor commonly know as Liz Taylor was born February 27, 1932 and passed away March 23, 2011, age 79. Liz Taylor began her career in 1941 with a role in There’s One Born Every Minute, Taylor was cast in her first starring role at the age of 12, in National Velvet. Her […]

The Hidden Rabbit of Playboy

Playboy is an American men’s entertainment magazine that was founded by Hugh Hefner October 1, 1953 in Chicago. The magazine has become known for its centerfolds of nude and semi-nude models called Playmates. In addition to the magazine published in the United States, it is circulated worldwide. Though today most of the companies revenue comes […]

McClure’s Win-the War, March 1918

McClure’s Magazine was founded by S. S. McClure and John Sanborn Phillips. It was an American illustrated monthly magazine that was published from 1893 to 1929. The magazine aimed to promote good moral and family values and is credited with starting investigative journalism. The magazine featured both political and literary content, publishing in a serial […]

Women Illustrators: Saturday Evening Post

The struggle for women equality is an age old battle. The 20th Century was clearly a breakthrough century for women’s rights and women entering the workforce. The early 1900s saw many first FOR WOMEN. 1907 Dorothy Tyler the first jockey. 1908 Theresa Peltier first woman fly solo at a time when it was claimed woman […]

A letter from Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield thanks Fran for his  joke and lets him know when it will be used on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Along with a copy of the check for $25.00 to Fran. To hear the joke performed listen to the video in the post below.